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Case Studies

Volvo UK

Connected Energy’s E-STOR systems are supporting two Volvo Truck & bus dealerships in the UK to electrify by providing the additional power required to support high powered EV charging.

  • Industry:  Automotive
  • System no:  2
  • Power:  300kW
  • Capacity:  360kWh
  • Application:  Supporting power demands of EV charging; Storing renewable energy from solar PV

The Brief

Two Volvo Truck & Bus dealerships encountered grid capacity limitations while planning to install high-powered charge points.

As a market leader in electric trucks, Volvo needed to provide high-powered charging at key locations within their dealer network. Like many fleet depots and service centres, the sites however were not designed with EV charging in mind and a capacity upgrade was not feasible.

We modelled the sites for the opportunity of battery energy storage to support high powered charging whilst mitigating the need for grid infrastructure upgrades.

By installing Connected Energy’s battery energy storage systems, we can bring additional power onto the sites which helps us to move forward with the installation of high-powered charge points. The systems also support our wider net zero strategy to decarbonise our own workshop operations.

Christian Coolsaet, Managing Director, Volvo Trucks UK & Ireland

The Solution

The installation of a 300kW E-STOR system at each site will effectively address grid capacity limitations by storing excess power during off-peak periods and redistributing it during peak demand.

The systems ensured both sites could run high capacity charge points – 350kW and five 22kW electric car chargers for courtesy cars and vans for Enfield, and a 150kW truck charge point and two 22kW electric car chargers at Carlisle. The intelligent management capabilities of E-STOR allowed seamless integration with on-site renewables, amplifying sustainability efforts and supporting the company’s targets for energy efficiency.

Utilising second-life batteries aligned with Volvo’s commitment to circular economy principles, ensuring substantial carbon savings compared to conventional energy storage methods

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