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We do things differently to make second life systems the best

As the world strives towards net zero, we have no choice but to change the way we do things. For us, that means disrupting the current throwaway economy and seeking better ways of doing things; reusing existing materials rather than continuing to damage the planet. That’s why all our battery energy storage systems use second life EV batteries.

Battery energy storage using second life batteries

The carbon benefits of second life systems

A recent study by Lancaster University showed a 450tonnes C02e saving for each MWh of second life system installed – when compared with a system using new lithium-ion batteries.

Pioneering the circular economy

Connected Energy is a pioneer in the circular economy. We make battery energy storage systems using second life electric vehicle batteries. By extracting additional value from the finite resources embedded in them, we essentially double a battery’s working life.

At the end of their life in a vehicle, an EV battery no longer provides sufficient range, however they still retain 75-80% of their original capacity.

Our systems take advantage of that remaining capacity by reusing them as a battery energy storage system. Our technology connects individual, unchanged car battery packs sourced from battery OEMs capitalising on the investment already made, and operating them as part of our optimised E-STOR system.

Our systems solve two major environmental challenges: efficient re-use of EV batteries, and reliable storage for renewable energy to decarbonise the grid.

Our collaboration truly depicts the value of a circular economy and helps meet carbon neutral targets.

Mark Dickens, Managing Director from Mobilize Power Solutions, part of the Renault Group

Second life batteries

Working with OEMs

We have long-term, collaborative relationships with EV OEMs that enable us to optimise the integration of second life batteries and match their availability with our development pipelines. Our objective is to ensure second life batteries flow seamlessly into our energy storage projects by continuing to develop our international battery relationships.

Find out more about how we are working closely with Renault, Volvo and Nissan.

Work with us

We are always interested in connecting with new EV battery suppliers.

Vast experience

of working with second life EV battery suppliers

Route to market

for battery partners

Battery monitoring capability

to meet performance guarantees

Project pipeline

to manage second life battery supply

End customer benefits

Lower CAPEX, lower risk

Working together

to ensure materials are not wasted

Predictions by McKinsey & Co suggest that by 2030, the second-life-battery supply for stationary applications could exceed 200 gigawatt-hours per year.

Performance standards

When our work began, there were no standards governing the performance and safety of second life EV battery use. We have undertaken extensive research and development to produce the gold standard. Our current work, to embed AI within our software, will also allow us to track the batteries using predictive modelling to monitor their long-term performance.

Battery Energy Storage systems made from second life EV batteries

We second that

Our systems make the environmental and economical case for electric vehicle batteries so much stronger and have a major role in supporting the circular economy.

As well as benefiting the manufacturers, our systems support customers with green credentials, helping them meet decarbonisation plans and accelerating the transition towards a carbon-neutral world.

Charged for the future

As the availability of second life EV batteries increases, Connected Energy is ready to take charge.

Under development in 2023/24 is our multi-MW system, designed to reuse up to 300 second life batteries. The system will utilise larger batteries and will bring huge benefits to OEMs, providing a second life to their batteries at scale and hugely contributing to the circular economy of used car batteries.

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