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Industry Insights 28/11/2023

Introducing Connected Energy’s feasibility study for battery energy storage

Connected Energy’s Head of Data Science, Frazer Wagg, outlines our free feasibility study at Connected Energy to help our potential clients realise the benefits of battery energy storage. Read More…

News 20/11/2023

Battery and solar is a winning combination for education centre

Adding battery power to a building’s solar array is helping a higher education centre to cut carbon emissions and costs. Read More…

Whitepapers 20/11/2023

Navigating the future: The role of battery energy storage in sustainable maritime operations

How battery energy storage systems is supporting energy management for ports and harbours. Read More…

Nigel Dent, Connected Energy

Industry Insights 07/11/2023

Unleashing the potential of battery energy storage for the demand flexibility services market

In the evolving world of energy management, battery energy storage systems have emerged as versatile tools not only for efficient energy use but also as a way for businesses to earn additional revenue. Read More…

Industry Insights 02/11/2023

Navigating to Net Zero: Energy Storage for Ports

As with other industry sectors, UK ports and harbours are working hard to decarbonise ahead of the 2050 Net Zero deadline. Some operators such as ABP and Peel Ports are more ambitious, aiming for Net Zero a full decade earlier. Read More…

News 01/11/2023

Webinar: The role of battery energy storage in sustainable maritime operations

Thinking about implementing renewable energy on site? Or taking steps to decarbonise your energy use? We have a webinar for the maritime industry designed to inform the sector about the benefits of battery energy storage (BESS). Read More…

Tania Saxby, Connected Energy

Industry Insights 26/10/2023

Our second life story: Thinking ahead for third life battery usage

As one of the leading innovators behind battery energy storage in the UK, Connected Energy has long been at the forefront of EV battery innovation, so we spoke to Operations Manager, Tania Saxby, about the company’s latest forward-thinking plans. Read More…

Industry Insights 17/10/2023

Our second life story: Fostering partnerships to develop the circular economy

As part of our series of blogs outlining the story of Connected Energy and our second life battery process, we spoke to our Chief Operating Officer, Alexandre Charr, about the importance of building partnerships to create a second life for the EV market’s batteries. Read More…

Can BESS help solve Scope 3 emissions for vehicle manufacturers?

Industry Insights 12/10/2023

Can BESS help solve Scope 3 emissions for vehicle manufacturers?

Vehicle manufacturers are facing a big question when it comes to reporting their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions – what happens to the batteries from an end-of-life electric vehicle? Read More…

Jonathan Cogman, Connected Energy

Industry Insights 10/10/2023

Our second life story: Developing a successful supply chain

In the latest story from our second life series, we caught up with Jonathan Cogman, our Head of Supply Chain, to understand the importance of these relationships in developing the circular economy. Read More…

Industry Insights 05/10/2023

Can a BESS only work if it’s coupled with solar or wind turbines?

A common misconception is that a battery energy storage system (BESS) is only applicable for businesses that our generating their own renewable energy on site. Read More…

Industry Insights 03/10/2023

Our second life story: Why design is crucial to battery storage

Our Senior Mechanical Design Engineer, Nathan Evans, spoke to us about how he creates innovative designs for battery storage and the challenges he comes across in his role designing our products. Read More…