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Connected Energy developments - the next generation of battery energy storage

At Connected Energy, we’re developing utility-scale battery energy storage M-STOR sites. As the world shifts to renewable sources of energy, a cleaner and more affordable way to store that power is required. Our M-STOR sites will do just that. Battery energy storage at scale.

The power plants of the future, fuelled by second life electric vehicle batteries.

Building upon the success of our commercial battery energy storage product, we are now advancing our utility-sized M-STOR sites. We’re the connector, bringing together a range of partners – from battery suppliers, automotive companies, renewable energy generators, investors and landowners – all working together to deliver energy storage at scale.

Connected Energy sites


Our visionary M-STOR sites will be developed with storage capacities ranging from 10MW up to 100MW+. Offering an alternative and efficient approach to energy storage, our developments capture surplus energy when available and dispatch it as needed, effectively maximizing green power utilisation and grid stability whilst participating in energy trading markets.

Embracing the use of second life electric vehicle batteries, our sites also deliver substantial carbon benefits, reinforcing our commitment to a sustainable energy future.

Our sites will be developed, managed, and maintained by us all backed by a robust financial business model for our partners.

With continued global growth of electric vehicles (EV), a new opportunity for the power sector is emerging: stationary storage powered by used EV batteries, which could exceed 200 gigawatt-hours by 2030.

Harnessing the value of second life EV batteries

From powering electric vehicles, to a second life in our systems.  Electric vehicles are key to the decarbonisation of road transport but as demand increases, so too does the volume of second life lithium-ion batteries.

A primary focus of our M-STOR sites is to utilise second life EV batteries, optimising their value chain and the residual value of EVs. By using second life batteries we improve both their environmental and economic footprint.



Battery partnerships

At the heart of our M-STOR sites is our strategic, long-term collaborative relationships with battery supply partners.

Creating a reliable, commercial route for second life batteries

Allowing partners to capitalise on the residual value of their batteries

Contributing to carbon reduction through a second life

Bringing additional revenue through a robust financial model

10 years of expertise

We bring over 10 years of expertise in developing battery energy storage solutions using second life batteries.

We’ve proved, tested and commercialised our E-STOR product with all the technology, software and insight that brings with it. We know how our customers are benefiting from our products and now we’re ready to accelerate those benefits to the next generation of storage. Our unique approach and strong partnerships places us at the forefront of the energy storage revolution.

Supported by international names

Connected Energy’s vision has the backing of some world-leading businesses.

Through investment, we have the support of names such as Volvo Energy, Caterpillar, the Hinduja Group, Mercuria, Engie New Ventures, Macquarie and Sumitomo, amongst others. Our long-term relationships also include well-known OEMs and battery suppliers.

Bringing together battery suppliers, renewable energy generators, landowners and investors to create the power plant of the future: storing energy from renewable sources for when it’s needed, truly powering a cleaner world.

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