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Transport innovation expert joins the Connected Energy team

Connected Energy has expanded its team with the recent appointment of Alexandre Charr as Head of Strategic Partnerships (Batteries).


Alexandre has almost a decade of experience working in the field of e-mobility with a distinguished career in automotive engineering and product management, working for Renault, Stellantis, Toyota and Jaguar Land Rover. Most recently he was Global Business Development Manager for commercial EV manufacturer, Arrival.

As a leading developer of battery energy storage using second life electric vehicle batteries, Connected Energy has appointed Alexandre to support the development of strategic partnerships as the availability of batteries increases.

Alex will build relationships with automotive OEMs, vehicle providers and fleet operators to create new sources of second life batteries. He will also explore synergies with battery suppliers as well as developing ‘battery-as-a-service’ business models with financial institutions.

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A genuine circularity

“This is the perfect time to join Connected Energy,” he said. “Those OEMs who were early to market with EVs are now facing the challenge of what to do with the batteries from those first-generation vehicles. Typically, at the end of the vehicle’s life, the batteries still have up to 80% of their energy storage capabilities, so there is huge scope to repurpose them in systems like the company’s E-STOR system.”

Connected Energy, whose investors include Caterpillar and Volvo, already has a partnership with Renault for batteries from Kangoo electric vans. By repurposing batteries at the end of the life in a vehicle, the company’s battery storage technology doubles the working life of the EV batteries.

“There is a genuine circularity to our business model,” adds Alex. “For example, fleets could end up using batteries from their old EVs as energy storage in their depots, supporting the charging of their current vehicles. It’s a perfect loop.”

A deep understanding

Matthew Lumsden, CEO of Connected Energy, said: “We are working at the nexus of transport and energy, creating sustainable energy storage solutions that reuse the batteries from yesterday’s EVs. We need people who understand all aspects of those sectors to help our business continue on its current growth trajectory.

“Alex has a deep understanding of the e-mobility market and a great track record in innovation. He has the knowledge and experience to help us grow our battery pipeline as demand increases for our products.”

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