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North East battery energy storage technology demonstration

Join us on the 14 June for a demonstration of how battery energy storage is being used on an innovative site to support building decarbonisation.


Battery energy storage is transforming the way organisations are managing their energy use as they strive towards decarbonisation. Join us for a technology demonstration at North Tyneside Council’s pioneering sustainable Killingworth Site to find out more.

This is the opportunity to see first-hand the role that battery energy storage can play in a smart building. Find out how battery storage can help organisations make the most of their solar PV generation as well as support the installation of electric vehicle charge points and low-carbon heating systems.

The event, which will take place on Wednesday 14 June, is being hosted by Connected Energy in partnership with North Tyneside Council. It will feature a live demonstration of battery storage technology, showcasing the latest advancements in this field. Attendees will also have the opportunity to speak with industry experts and ask questions about the technology, its benefits, and its potential impact on the energy industry.

Find out how Connected Energy are reusing electric vehicles and giving them a second life as an energy store to:

  • Optimise solar farms and rooftop renewables
  • Use batteries from yesterday’s EVs to charge today’s vehicles by supporting the power demands of EV infrastructure
  • Balance the grid and provide revenue opportunities

One of the remaining questions over the sustainability qualities of electric vehicles is what happens to the batteries at the end of their life. Connected Energy is providing an answer to that question, giving these batteries a new purpose in battery energy storage systems. Many decarbonisation strategies require increased electricity consumption, such as heat pumps and EV chargers. Even exporting solar power back to the grid can require a higher capacity connection.

Upgrading a site’s grid connection is costly and time-consuming, eroding the business case for a sustainability measure in some instances. This is where Connected Energy’s E-STOR comes into its own, providing a more cost-effective solution to bridging this “power gap”.

Join us to discover the future of energy storage and find out how this game-changing technology can transform energy use and support decarbonisation.

The Council has added a raft of energy efficiency measures to our building but battery energy storage takes this to another level. It effectively acts as the brain of our smart microgrid, communicating with and controlling all the other elements. This helps us to deliver the best possible economic and environmental return on investment.

Ian Lillie, strategic facilities manager for North Tyneside Council