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Connected Energy’s response to today’s election results

Connected Energy welcomes Labour’s commitments to renewable energy and clean technology as set out in its manifesto and sees today as the change that the industry needs to progress.


Labour’s manifesto and its automotive strategy published late last year, outlines policies which will accelerate the clean energy transition including an increase in onshore wind and solar power and bringing forward the ban on petrol and diesel cars.

Reacting to the news Matthew Lumsden CEO of Connected Energy said:

“This election result could be a pivotal moment in history for the country’s automotive and energy industries if Labour can deliver on its promises. Rolling the net zero deadlines forward to achieve clean energy and mobility by 2030 is a hugely ambitious target that would see thousands of new jobs created along with a massive boost to the economy. To make this ambition a reality Labour must now deliver swift action and substantial investment.”

Labour has pledged to make Britain a clean energy superpower to cut bills, create jobs and deliver security with cheaper, zero-carbon electricity by 2030 accelerating the route to net zero.

Battery energy storage was explicitly recognised within Labour’s manifesto as a component in accelerating renewable energy generation. Concrete actions and investments in this area will help the UK meet climate targets whilst also enhancing energy security and creating new economic opportunities.

The battery industry also offers a major opportunity for the UK with the potential to become a global leader in battery technology, fostering innovation, creating highly-skilled jobs and boosting the economy.

Labour’s intention is to promote a circular economy for critical minerals while strengthening the UK’s domestic battery manufacturing capabilities. Second life EV batteries – repurposed into battery energy storage – should form a key part of this plan as they reduce our reliance on critical mineral imports while also creating the stability needed for an increasingly renewable electricity grid.

Matthew Lumsden, CEO, Connected Energy

Connected Energy looks forward to working with our new government representatives, policymakers, industry partners and other stakeholders to advocate for and advance the deployment of renewable energy and storage technologies.

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