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Connected Energy launches online calculator for EV charging and battery energy storage

We’re passionate about sharing the positive use case for battery energy storage with EV charging sites.


As part of a campaign to drive forward the potential use for battery energy storage alongside EV charging infrastructure, we’ve launched an online calculator to guide users to understand their own opportunity to utilise BESS.

Our campaign has included a brand new whitepaper for 2024 which includes insights into how battery energy storage systems work and how they can be utilised specifically with EV charging in mind, be it for a fleet depot, charging hub, EV dealership, or workplace.

To get started with the calculator, you will ideally need information from your energy bill or know your energy usage to get an accurate reading. Our calculator will offer a result as to whether BESS may be right for your site and requirements, helping to overcome some of the key barriers to charge point deployment.

Our other resources

Connected Energy’s battery energy systems can help to reduce the need for grid upgrades and help to manage peak demand so that you can get the power you need for EV charging at the speed and scale required.

Alongside our whitepaper, we’ve also produced some great insights with the following articles:

Calculate your site’s potential now

Visit our secure calculator to work out the potential use case for your EV site.