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Safety and your second life battery energy storage system

One of the common questions we get asked about battery energy storage, and more specifically our use of second life EV batteries, is around safety.


Our team has spent the last ten years researching, designing, manufacturing, and maintaining battery energy systems using second life EV batteries from our OEM partners.

It’s this level of insight and expertise that allows us to confidently offer a ‘gold standard’ safety product, and a five-year warranty with our systems too.

Our Head of Data Services, Frazer Wagg, explains: “Our systems are built using the EV batteries that leading automotive manufacturers have used, tested and invested significantly in – they have been rigorously tested in their former life as EV batteries and that testing continues with us.

“All battery energy storage systems at Connected Energy must pass intensive energy sector compliance tests and they are continuously monitored by our AI software to pick up any anomalies, should they occur.”

We value safety and reliability at the heart of our product which is why we only work with manufacturers who will share their testing data before their battery packs are installed into our systems. Each battery is used unmodified, and this allows us to benefit from the battery management system which the OEMs have in place to control the battery.

Safety is so paramount for us that we have invested heavily into our control systems that understand the individual make up of each of our batteries. Each system is monitored around the clock and through the use of AI we can recognise any degradation and act accordingly.

Darren Cheadle, Power Project Engineer at Connected Energy, said: “We estimate our batteries will last up to ten years, depending on their usage, and as our systems are built on rack system we can swap and replace these batteries for others as soon as any performance issues arise.

“Our extensive customer-friendly software will notify you of your battery’s health and performance throughout the day too for complete peace of mind.”

As we expand our offering and are now building towards our utility scale battery energy systems, M-STOR, our team is now working on preventative measures for cyber safety and security too.

Roger Tudor, Software Engineer at Connected Energy, said: “Our custom in-house control system allows us to offer a continually robust solution to energy storage as we scale up and offer increasingly larger and more complex systems with bespoke requirements.

“We are proactively increasing our focus on developing even more robust measures for risk mitigation and to improve our already efficient response times even further.”

If an emergency was to happen it’s this built-in software that will raise an immediate alarm to ensure that it’s dealt with accordingly.

In an emergency the system will perform its own automatic shutdown processes, there are two emergency stop buttons fitted, and our AI system will detect any anomalies in performance and will initiate an early warning system.

Darren Cheadle, Power Project Engineer, Connected Energy

We have worked hard as a company to build enlightening partnerships with some of the leading automotive manufacturers and battery suppliers, as well as forming partnerships with a number of these OEMs such as Volvo and Caterpillar.

Our Chief Operating Officer, Alex Charr, said: “To create a second life opportunity, it requires true collaboration with vehicle and battery manufacturers.

“Every manufacturer works in a different way and every battery type is different, so we need to be adaptable in how we operate and create commercial agreements with partners that will give us visibility on battery health and capacity.”

It’s this safety-focused aspect of our product development that means we have proven the concept of commercial battery storage with E-STOR and can now expand our offering using this tried-and-tested model to introduce utility scale battery storage to the market in the form of M-STOR launching in 2024.

If you have more questions about our installation and safety process, our FAQs page may be useful.

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