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A Day in the Life of… A Programme Manager at Connected Energy

The latest insight piece into our team focuses on Moritz Dornbusch, one of our Programme Managers, with previous experience at a German battery manufacturer.


The ‘A Day in the Life of…’ series is designed to introduce the different roles and a cross-section of team members across our Newcastle, Norfolk and remote-working teams.

Moritz has been part of the team for over a year, working remotely from our London co-working space, with regular visits to our Hethel Technical Centre in Norfolk.

Bringing a wealth of agile and classic project management expertise with him, Moritz has worked in Asia and Europe, and has five years specifically as a project manager in the battery manufacturing industry in his native Germany.

Moritz said: “At Connected Energy my days are focused on supporting our delivery team – hardware, software, supply chain and product innovation – to create visibility of all their work and align these with the several development projects we have.

“I see myself as a coach or supporter who champions these many threads in our business, facilitating transparency and communication to improve our continuous progress.”

Working with several team leads, including COO, Alex Charr, and Operations Manager, Tania Saxby, everyone that engages with Moritz recognises he is a fantastic asset to Connected Energy.

Discussing his proudest achievement at Connected Energy, Moritz shared: “After introducing an agile workflow that we tailored to our delivery team’s needs, I am very proud to see our team taking ownership of the shared development targets, an increase in continuous progress, and the high engagement in cross-functional communication. I strongly believe we can achieve great things together.”

With his relevant sector experience from previous roles, and over a year learning all that’s involved in the product development, hands-on manufacturing, and administrative processes at Connected Energy, Moritz is excited about the future of his role.

“To me second life battery energy storage enables me to use my prior experience in battery manufacturing, to create a real impact for the environment and society. I believe we have the chance to deliver great products that will support the world’s targets towards a more sustainable future.”

Moritz Dornbusch, Programme Manager, Connected Energy

A key objective in Moritz’ plans in 2024 is to work on project management for our product development and our large-scale sites.

This is undoubtedly crucial to what is already ear-marked to be a successful year at Connected Energy, with several projects and partnerships soon to be announced in Q1.

Finally, Moritz is an avid sports fan including football, tennis, basketball, sailing, American football, and darts, and his Norwich-based colleagues seem to be having an impact on him too, as he’s interested in learning the rules of cricket, if someone wants to donate some time to teaching him – howzat?

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