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Industry Insights 05/06/2024

A Day in the Life of… A Data Analyst at Connected Energy

Our latest ‘A Day in the Life of…’ piece is with Shreya Maliwal, a Data Analyst, who works on analysing battery data and system performance from current and prospective clients.

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Industry Insights 16/05/2024

How long can a battery charge a bank of EVs?

With fleet electrication on the rise, how do you affordably introduce sufficient charging points and the energy needed at peak times?

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Industry Insights 09/05/2024

A Day in the Life of… A Mechanical Design Engineer at Connected Energy

We spoke to Charlie Wilson, a Junior Mechanical Design Engineer based at our technical centre in Hethel, Norfolk.

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Industry Insights 25/04/2024

Assessing an EV charging site for battery energy storage: What to expect

Nigel Dent, Head of Sales, at Connected Energy, explains the steps we take to model EV charging sites for battery energy storage.

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Industry Insights 22/04/2024

Volvo Energy’s second life and battery circularity story: an interview with Elisabeth Larsson

We spoke to Elisabeth Larsson, Senior Vice President of Sales and Services, Volvo Energy, on their drive to develop a second life use for EV batteries when they come to the end of their vehicle use.

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Industry Insights 18/04/2024

Fleets can monetise EV charging infrastructure under new scheme

EV charging infrastructure can become a revenue source for commercial fleet operators and truck dealerships thanks to a new incentive programme.

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Nigel Dent, Connected Energy

Industry Insights 16/04/2024

How Battery Energy Storage can fuel the transition to High-Powered EV Charging

A conversation with Nigel Dent of Connected Energy, about how battery energy storage is fuelling the transition to high powered EV charging.

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Industry Insights 06/03/2024

A Day in the Life of… A Programme Manager at Connected Energy

The latest insight piece into our team focuses on Moritz Dornbusch, one of our Programme Managers, with previous experience at a German battery manufacturer.

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Industry Insights 29/02/2024

Our second life EV battery story at Connected Energy

Connected Energy has second life EV batteries at the heart of its battery energy storage journey - hear our individual team member's stories...

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Robert Moore, Connected Energy

Industry Insights 27/02/2024

Navigating the landscape for utility-scale energy storage

A conversation with Rob Moore, Chief Business Development Officer at Connected Energy. 

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Industry Insights 31/01/2024

How can energy storage support the transition to electric commercial vehicles?

When powered by diesel, buses and trucks are big emitters of air pollutants and greenhouse gases. As battery technology has continued to improve, these larger vehicles have rightly become key targets for electrification.

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Industry Insights 24/01/2024

A Day in the Life of… A Data Scientist at Connected Energy

In our new series, we’re introducing various members of the team at Connected Energy to give an insight into the people who produce our battery energy solutions.

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