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By Application: Commercial and Industrial

Battery storage for the Commercial and Industrial sectors

Battery energy storage to support your growing business.

Unlock your site’s potential

Modern sites are becoming energy ecosystems, generating and consuming, ‘alive and breathing’. A successful ecosystem continues to grow, but with new technologies like EV chargers and more sophisticated electrified equipment, commercial and industrial sites can face power constraints. Our commercial battery storage systems can provide a solution whilst supporting sustainability objectives.

Our commercial battery energy storage systems can help you to maximise your energy, managing peak demands and capacity issues. If you have renewables such as PV or wind on site, our systems can harness that energy, storing it for the times when you need it most.

We start each project with a full feasibility study, which will model your site’s energy requirements, and explore how battery storage can work for you.

Overcome capacity issues

  • Provide additional power for new energy intensive equipment or site expansion
  • Avoid or minimise expensive grid upgrades
  • Support short outbursts of energy associated with power demanding applications
  • Reduce the time delays associated with grid upgrades
  • Provide active load management
  • Respond to seasonal power issues and use the system to generate revenue by offering grid services when capacity is reduced

Decarbonise energy usage

  • Reduce Scope 1 & Scope 2 emissions: Enabling renewable heating and optimising use of low carbon energy
  • Cost savings by maximising utilisation of renewable generation: storing surplus energy ready for peak time
  • Supports fleet and site decarbonisation
  • Helps to quantify carbon savings
  • Manage grid constraints – import or export

Generate Revenue

  • Save money on energy bills by charging the battery when tariffs are low
  • Use the stored energy when tariffs are at their peak
  • Make additional revenue by providing balancing services to the grid operator
  • Accelerate your ROI by monetising your system
  • Trade power and energy via an aggregator

When faced with multi-million pound grid upgrades, Battery Energy Storage is the ideal alternative.

Finance made easy

Our Battery storage as a service model is a unique way to fund your BESS. Realise the benefits with no upfront costs and all running costs covered. Any revenues generated from grid services will still go directly to you, with options to pay more upfront to maximise your ROI sooner.

Peace of mind

Our financial models come with a full range of performance guarantees, giving you peace of mind. With a five-year warranty, we have all bases covered including battery pack degradation and electrical and mechanical breakdown.

Explore finance options today

Case Study

Generating revenue for Coletta & Tyson

Coletta & Tyson is one of Europe’s largest independent specialist growers of ornamental plants. With a high energy use and a focus on sustainability and innovation, Coletta & Tyson invested in battery energy storage alongside its existing 400kW solar PV array and CHP. The system provides cost savings on electricity bills and generates revenue by offering grid balancing services.

Case Study

Umicore support grid and generate revenue with BESS

Umicore is a global materials technology and recycling group, whose activities include the recycling of EV batteries. Their power intensive site utilises two of our pioneering systems to provide reactive power whilst also delivering a new revenue stream for the business by providing frequency response service to Elia, the Belgium system operator.


Why choose Connected Energy?

Full service

from site surveys to aftercare

Years of experience

working with varied site configurations

Finance options

to help avoid upfront costs

Project management

built to suit your business timeline

Upgrade ready

with modular systems, upgrading is simple

Energy optimisation

across a whole site’s assets

Face the future head-on

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