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Case Studies

Coletta & Tyson

State-of-the-art plant producer Coletta and Tyson introduced a Connected Energy system to complement their world-leading renewables portfolio and increase revenue generation by providing grid-balancing services.

  • Industry:  Energy
  • System no:  1
  • Power:  300kW
  • Capacity:  360kWh
  • Application:  Revenue generation
  • Functionality:  Working alongside ground source heat, PV and wind


Established over 70 years ago, Coletta & Tyson is one of Europe’s largest independent specialist growers of ornamental plants, supplying many well-known organisations and retailers.

The business prides itself on delivering high levels of innovation, service, and quality to its customers, and in recent years has invested in world-leading technologies to enable it to continue to do so.

The Brief

Coletta & Tyson are market leaders in producing plants using highly automated processes.

Utilising the cutting edge in manufacturing techniques and systems, the company had some major questions to answer:

  • What can we do to maximise the energy we are generating?
  • How can we make the most of our grid connection?

The company set out to find an innovative solution…

The Solution

Coletta and Tyson identified that the introduction of a battery energy storage system could be the answer they required. By capturing the renewable energy that the site was generating, the system can also save this for a more suitable time, helping them to maximise all energy generated.

Our energy management system also enables the site to offer grid balancing services which allows the company to provide energy back to the grid and be paid for that directly.

Finally, the sustainability credentials of the system were an additional benefit to the company. Built by utilising second life batteries, the system extracted value from resources that would have otherwise been wasted. Building on the already cutting-edge battery tech from the OEMs, the systems delivered a safe and effective battery storage solution to rival a first life system, but with a greatly diminished environmental impact.

Now installed, the system works seamlessly with the existing 400kW solar PV array, wind farm and ground source heat system installed on the company’s site in East Yorkshire. A state-of-the-art solution for a cutting-edge customer.

Using an E-STOR in this way is enabling more renewables on to the grid, plus our customers are getting paid to support the grid with balancing services.

Matthew Lumsden , CEO, Connected Energy

Next Steps

Now installed, Coletta & Tyson can now generate revenue by providing grid balancing services, adding another revenue stream to their business.

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