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Case Studies

Bryt Energy

Bryt Energy wanted to demonstrate how storage can be used to generate revenue for their customers. Rather than offering grid balancing services, it was used to take advantage of energy cost differentials to buy when the energy costs less, and sell it when it is worth more.

  • Industry:  Energy
  • System no:  1
  • Power:  60kW
  • Capacity:  90kWh
  • Application:  Revenue generation
  • Functionality:  Direct link to trading desk


Bryt Energy, a subsidiary of Statkraft, offers an energy supply tariff that factors in the installation of an energy storage system on a customer’s site. This system is then operated by Statkraft’s virtual power plant.

By capitalising on the ability of the VPP to take advantage of changes in the wholesale price of electricity and charge or discharge the battery accordingly, Bryt offers a competitive 100% renewable energy tariff.

The Brief

Bryt wanted to demonstrate how storage can be used to generate revenue for their customers – by integrating with their electricity supply, charging when energy was cheap, and selling it back when more expensive.

Connected Energy was tasked with providing a battery energy storage system that could generate revenue in this way.

The Solution

The key consideration for this project was proof of concept. As customers have full visibility of the workings of the system, they can understand in depth how their energy is working for them, and also support them in providing an incredibly comprehensive business case to the customer.

In addition, the intuitive system can run automatically, as the AI-powered energy management system can take control of the batteries, understanding the customer’s financial objectives. It can then charge or discharge the system rapidly, making it the ideal system to support revenue generation via grid balancing services.

A battery energy storage system (BESS) can generate revenue in a few different ways, namely responsively taking advantage of price differentials, or providing grid balancing services. As we move towards increasing the number of renewables in our power generation mix, the ability to balance this with flexibility elsewhere on the power system will become increasingly important.

Connected energy provided Bryt Energy with a 60KWh/90KW E-STOR system. The E-STOR is the commercial-scale battery energy storage system.

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