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By Application: Renewables Integration

Battery storage to store renewable energy

Battery storage for PV and wind generation.

A natural partnership

As solar and wind play a greater role in the energy mix, battery energy storage will be there to store excess generation in the batteries. Our systems make sure that renewable energy is not wasted, allowing businesses to use that energy when it’s needed most or when prices are at their peak.

Storing power for when you need it

We work closely with solar and wind turbine companies to help their customers to make greater use of their renewable energy, keeping them greener for longer.

Store surplus energy generation

Our E-STOR system tracks site load and generation from renewable energy sources. This lets it identify when there is surplus energy generation and actively charge the battery to store the energy for when it’s needed. This allows a site to fully capitalise on its low-carbon energy.

Reduce reliance on imported energy

When the site requires more energy than its renewable sources can provide, the E-STOR will discharge the previously stored green energy to increase the site’s total renewable usage and reduce its imported energy. Typically, exported energy generates a relatively low level of revenue. By reducing export, an E-STOR can provide a greater value to the site.

Integrate other assets such as EV charging or ground source heat

Our systems are being used across Europe to decarbonise infrastructure.  When working together with specific assets, a battery energy storage system can offset a metered load using renewable energy. Linked to EV chargers this can be used to decarbonise a fleet or linked to ground source heat, to further decarbonise heating systems.

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Case study

Maximising renewable generation for The Hold

Suffolk County Council installed our system at their new heritage centre. The system is being used to provide power to the building from their solar PV at times when their tariffs are at their peak, helping to reduce their fixed energy costs.  The system is also offering grid balancing services to bring in revenue streams.

Case study

Supporting Cranfield University's solar farm

The campus University had a large solar farm on site but were unable to export any excess back to the grid. They installed battery energy storage systems on site to ensure that the excess was not wasted.  They allow the storage systems to take excess solar generation at key times of the day and then deliver that power back to the campus when generation stops, programmed to power the site when the sun goes down.

Since the energy crisis hit, our phones have not stopped ringing and our customers are increasingly aware of the benefits that battery storage for PV can now bring.

Tom Lloyd, Director of Sales at Ren Energy

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