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Financing Battery Storage

Supporting you in financing your battery storage project

Choose from a lease or full turn-key solution with our partners - Capitas Finance.

We know that creating a business case to invest in new infrastructure can be challenging. That’s why we offer a choice of a leasing model or a full, turn-key approach through our Battery Storage as a Service model.

Whichever route you choose, you can spread the cost of your project into easy monthly payments to enable you to benefit from battery energy storage whilst reducing upfront CAPEX costs.

Battery storage leasing

We’ve launched a cost-effective leasing scheme for your battery energy storage project, in partnership with Capitas Finance.

The leasing option allows you to lease the E-STOR system for a fixed monthly fee, and the additional project costs (transport, installation, commissioning and warranty) can either be paid up front or rolled into the lease costs, with payment terms available up to seven years.

A leasing model best suits customers who desire a simple funding solution with equipment upgrade options.

Benefits of the Leasing model

Low monthly costs

Spreading the cost of your project over time.

Example costs

Starting from £2,599.99 per month.

Flexibility to make revenue

With any revenue gained going direct to you.

Versatile suitability

Applicable for projects of all sizes and private sector businesses.

Battery replacement

At the end of the seven year term.

Optional extension

Option to refresh your technology at the end of the seven year term.

Revenue generation through battery energy storage

We can also work with our customers to enable them to earn money from their systems by participating in energy trading services such as the Dynamic Flexibility Service. The scheme is a game changer for the energy flexibility market and can bring up to £15,000 each year per system, helping to bring the overall costs down.

Battery Storage as a Service

Battery Storage as a Service (BSaaS) brings you a full turn-key solution with no upfront payment. This model covers every aspect of the project from the initial site design, install and set-up through to management software, maintenance and warranty and replacement parts, with Connected Energy guaranteeing the availability of your E-STOR system throughout the contract. The BSaaS model is ideal for projects that include two or more of Connected Energy’s E-STOR units providing a collective power of 600kW upwards.

This model best suits customers desiring a fully inclusive service option delivering peace of mind, on a structure that can be deemed ‘off balance sheet’*.

Benefits of the Battery Storage as a Service model

No upfront costs

Service charges are deferred until installation is complete.

Covers the full service

From design and build, installation through to maintenance, warranty and spare parts.

Flexibility to make revenue

With any revenue gained going direct to you.

Agreed battery availability

A ‘pay for outcome’ model, with guarantees for an agreed level of BESS availability & compensation if we don’t deliver – giving you complete peace of mind.

Off-balance sheet*

Can be treated as ‘off-balance sheet’, (*subject to your auditors’ discretion).

Battery refresh

Options available for your batteries to be replaced in year 8.

About Capitas Finance

Capitas Finance is a dedicated cleantech and energy solutions finance company, focused on enabling the rapid deployment of carbon reduction, energy resilience and renewable energy generation projects in the private and public sectors.

Battery energy storage can bring about many benefits to a customer, reducing energy costs and allowing organisations to generate revenue. However, it is often the upfront capital costs that stand in the way. This new leasing model for Connected Energy helps to overcome that barrier.

Phil Murphy, Associate Director, Capitas Finance

Step 1


We’ll start with a feasibility study to model the system size that will work best for your location. Once we understand the number of systems required on site, we then engage with Capitas who will model the finance options. You will be presented with both the model and the feasibility results for you to review.

Step 2


If you would like to proceed, we’ll then visit the site to provide a detailed survey and site design.

If you decide that you would like to generate revenue from your battery energy storage system by providing grid services, we will engage with aggregators on your behalf. Once you have chosen your aggregator, they will create a separate commercial contract for you to review.

Once a solution has been agreed, Capitas will liaise with you and provide the appropriate financing contract.

Step 3


Once everything is signed, Connected Energy will project manage the installation commission, and handover. We make sure your system meets with the performance guarantee and will maintain it for as long as the agreement is in place.

Once you’re happy with your installation, Capitas will activate the finance and your fixed monthly payments will begin.

All solutions are subject to due diligence, credit checks and documentation.

Read our recent blog outlining the benefits of using a financial model to cover the cost of battery energy storage.

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