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Battery storage as a service: a financing model for battery storage

Connected Energy’s battery storage as a service (BSaaS) model makes financing battery storage easier by reducing upfront costs.

Connected Energy cooling system

We know that creating a business case to invest in new infrastructure can be challenging. Battery storage as a service allows businesses to spread the cost across a fixed term to cover design, installation, ongoing maintenance and support.

The Reasons

What does battery storage as a service cover?

Battery storage as a service brings you a full turn-key solution. All the essential elements of a battery energy service model are covered. Often arranged with no upfront payment. The finance model covers:

Applicable for:

The Battery Storage as a Service model is ideal for projects that include two or more of Connected Energy’s E-STOR units providing a collective power of 600kW upwards.

Benefits of Battery Storage as a Service

No Upfront Costs

Staged charges can be deferred until installation is complete

Covers the full service

From design and build, installation and aftercare

Flexibility to make revenue

With any revenue gained going direct to you

Flexible staged payments

You can choose to pay more in the early years – with plans to meet your investment criteria

Maintenance and ongoing costs

Including maintenance, warranty and spare parts

Agreed battery availability

With compensation if this guarantee is not met – delivering peace of mind

Off-balance sheet

Can be treated as ‘off-balance sheet’, subject to your auditors’ discretion

Revenue generation or reducing energy costs through battery energy storage

We work with all our customers to offer a detailed feasibility study at the start of each project. The feasibility will show the monthly BSaaS costs versus revenue and the overall return of the project.

Who provides the BSaaS model?

Connected Energy works with energy sector partner, Capitas Finance to deliver this new model for battery storage.

All solutions are subject to due diligence, credit checks and documentation.

Capitas specialises in providing products and services designed to help organisations implement sustainable, low carbon technologies and strategies that save energy and reduce their carbon emissions, helping them align with the Government’s commitment to reach Net Zero by 2050.

How does it work?

Financing battery storage made easier.

Read our recent blog outlining the benefits of using a financial model to cover the cost of battery energy storage.


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