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Our Software

The great thing about our E-STOR system is that it’s backed by our energy management software. Our unique cloud-based back office and reporting dashboard gives customers control and visibility of system performance.

Energy Management Software

Our software

Control software

Our cloud-based control software is designed to automate and optimise your battery energy storage system.

It responds to all your energy assets – your building, equipment, grid connection, renewables, EV chargers – and can link with a third party to provide grid services.

Our energy management software is designed to automate and optimise the E-STOR battery energy storage system in real-time. It allows the system to be charged and discharged to complement your site’s operations, responding to multiple parameters on-site or off-site according to a pre-set hierarchy of priorities.

Responding to:

On-site generation
Harvest renewable energy when the sun is shining or the wind is blowing and use it when you need it, ensuring no green energy is wasted.

Peak demands and load profiles
Our system can monitor a local site meter and react to peak loads to manage your capacity constraints.

Electricity tariffs
Charge the battery when tariffs are low and use the stored energy when tariffs are at their peak.

Revenue generation
Provide balancing services to the grid operator and make revenue from your battery.

The Reasons

True flexibility


Seven-day scheduler

Set different rules for each day of the week


15-minute intervals

Flexibility to respond to a busy working site


Control device

Allows for multiple systems to work together


Hierarchy of rules

The system responds to your priorities.

Our team of experts will work with you at the start of each project to understand your goals and set up your schedule. And as requirements change, we’ll be there to provide the support you need.

Our Software

Reporting dashboard

Once your E-STOR is installed, you’ll be provided with access to our online portal to monitor performance of the system. Our user-friendly dashboard helps our customers to visualise the data. You’ll also receive a monthly report which will show you exactly how your system is being used and help you quantify cost and carbon reductions.

Our systems capture thousands of data points and ongoing development is helping to quantify carbon reductions based on the carbon intensity of the grid at any point in time.

Regular check ups:

Our monitoring software is constantly on call, making sure everything is running as it should be. Our software and data teams monitor and review the data and receive automatic alerts if something changes.

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, our software can forecast if things change so we are always on top of our battery performance. Using predictive modelling, we can spot any issues before they happen, and our battery replacement programme will keep our systems at the top of their game.


Personalised dashboard

See how your system is performing at any time with your own company log-in - with access provided for multiple users

View historical data

Review how your system has been performing over periods of hours, days, months or even years

Monthly reporting

We will automatically generate a monthly report to summarise the system’s actions

Document library

Operating reports will be stored in your portal for future reference


Our systems automatically raise tickets to ensure maintenance requirements are met on time.

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