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Jonathan Cogman, Connected Energy

Industry Insights 10/10/2023

Our second life story: Developing a successful supply chain

In the latest story from our second life series, we caught up with Jonathan Cogman, our Head of Supply Chain, to understand the importance of these relationships in developing the circular economy.

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Industry Insights 05/10/2023

Can a BESS only work if it’s coupled with solar or wind turbines?

A common misconception is that a battery energy storage system (BESS) is only applicable for businesses that our generating their own renewable energy on site.

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Industry Insights 03/10/2023

Our second life story: Why design is crucial to battery storage

Our Senior Mechanical Design Engineer, Nathan Evans, spoke to us about how he creates innovative designs for battery storage and the challenges he comes across in his role designing our products.

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Industry Insights 28/09/2023

Using data to optimise energy consumption across building estates and fleets

We spoke to Ian Lillie, Strategic Facilities Manager at North Tyneside Council, about the importance of using data to make informed decisions when introducing energy efficiency measures.

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Industry Insights 26/09/2023

Our second life story: Combatting the challenges of battery storage

We introduce the individual stories of our team across Connected Energy and how various departments come together all inspired by the theme of second life.

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Tour of the E-STOR system at North Tyneside Council

Industry Insights 21/09/2023

Understanding if a battery energy storage can meet your organisational goals

We spoke to our Head of Sales, Nigel Dent, about the steps we take to evaluate whether a battery energy storage system will help meet an organisation’s goals.

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Industry Insights 19/09/2023

Why battery energy storage is a viable solution for energy managers

Energy managers are facing ever-increasing pressure to reduce carbon emissions, improve efficiency, and save money - BESS can help.

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Batteries and a Connected Energy system

Industry Insights 14/09/2023

5 ways battery energy storage can help meet net zero goals

Organisations across the UK are ramping up their efforts to decarbonise and we know that energy managers often have tough targets to meet – at the same time as balancing budgets.

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Volvo Energy explores second life for EV batteries with Connected Energy

News 12/09/2023

Volvo Energy explores second life for EV batteries with Connected Energy

Volvo Energy and Connected Energy announce ambition to jointly develop second-life battery energy storage systems.

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Whitepapers 11/09/2023

Battery energy storage: A versatile tool for building decarbonisation

As we navigate towards net zero discover the role that battery energy storage can play in the journey to a greener, more sustainable future.

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Industry Insights 04/09/2023

How battery energy storage can support peak shaving

Peak shaving can help you better manage spikes in energy demand, reducing your energy bills and avoiding expensive surcharges.

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Battery energy storage using second life batteries

Industry Insights 24/08/2023

How to generate revenue from battery energy storage with grid services

Many of our customers are using battery energy storage systems to generate revenue through providing grid services.

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