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A brighter future for buildings: battery energy storage and solar

Industry Insights 15/01/2024

A brighter future for buildings: battery energy storage and solar

Solar remains a high priority for organisations as they seek to decarbonise their buildings.

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Industry Insights 08/01/2024

What are battery energy storage systems and how do they work?

Introducing the concept of battery energy storage on both a commercial and utility scale with our E-STOR and M-STOR systems.

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Case Studies 04/01/2024

The University and Professional Development Centre (UPDC)

Adding battery power to a building’s solar array is helping The University and Professional Development Centre to cut carbon emissions in higher education in Suffolk. Read More…

Industry Insights 03/01/2024

Charging Ahead: The Key Trends in Battery Energy Storage for 2024

We asked the Connected Energy team which key trends they think will most impact the battery energy storage industry in 2024.

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Industry Insights 13/12/2023

Answering your FAQs on battery energy storage installation

Our battery energy storage systems (BESS) are a unique solution to the net zero target and energy crisis, but as a new technology, we receive many questions about the installation process. We’re here to answer them.

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Industry Insights 06/12/2023

What to expect at your BESS installation with Connected Energy

With years of experience installing our battery energy storage systems (BESS), there is no challenge that we haven’t faced. We spoke to our Power Project Engineer, Darren Cheadle, who has outlined all the stages that we go through to ensure a successful installation.

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A building with lights on.

Industry Insights 05/12/2023

Using battery energy storage to gain revenue through the dynamic flexibility market

A new scheme, which rewards people for reducing their energy use during the busiest winter periods, was launched last month. We talk to Aaron Lally, managing partner at VEST Energy about how it works.

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Industry Insights 28/11/2023

Introducing Connected Energy’s feasibility study for battery energy storage

Connected Energy’s Head of Data Science, Frazer Wagg, outlines our free feasibility study at Connected Energy to help our potential clients realise the benefits of battery energy storage.

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News 20/11/2023

Battery and solar is a winning combination for education centre

Adding battery power to a building’s solar array is helping a higher education centre to cut carbon emissions and costs.

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Whitepapers 20/11/2023

Navigating the future: The role of battery energy storage in sustainable maritime operations

How battery energy storage systems is supporting energy management for ports and harbours.

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Nigel Dent, Connected Energy

Industry Insights 07/11/2023

Unleashing the potential of battery energy storage for the demand flexibility services market

In the evolving world of energy management, battery energy storage systems have emerged as versatile tools not only for efficient energy use but also as a way for businesses to earn additional revenue.

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Industry Insights 02/11/2023

Navigating to Net Zero: Energy Storage for Ports

As with other industry sectors, UK ports and harbours are working hard to decarbonise ahead of the 2050 Net Zero deadline. Some operators such as ABP and Peel Ports are more ambitious, aiming for Net Zero a full decade earlier.

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